My watercolours depict imaginative subjects entwined in sinuous tracery and often overlaid in gold or silver leaf. Images evolve and suggest themselves dream-like. With clarity they begin to create a tale of their own. A line in a poem or an image conjured in conversation might inspire, as can walking in the countryside. 

I want to create a painting that gives me something of the feeling I occasionally encounter just waking from a dream, or when catching a glimpse of the moon seeming to notice the crows jostling for a place in the trees, at dusk... 

Indian miniature painting holds a fascination, as does Victorian illustration. Influences include Kaye Nielson, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo.  By painting I begin to understand and analyse my responses. I find this immensely enjoyable. I try to stay true to myself and I think this is why, at times, someone may connect quite deeply with my work. 

I use professional quality Winsor and Newton watercolours, various brushes as small as 5/0 and mainly Bockingford watercolour paper at a weight of 300lb, not pressed. I like the tiny shadows and suggestions of shapes made by an unpressed paper and the unpredictability of watercolour. Gold or silver leaf is then added. For me this gives the painting an air of enchantment. When I look at paintings I like to find something new each time I re-visit. I enjoy veiled suggestion and hidden meaning. I like to play with this in my work. 
I took art and life drawing classes at Cooper Union and Green Street in New York, but eventually decided on a science degree, It seemed important to me at the time to explore other subject areas along side art. I couldn't see a separation. I believe everything in life intertwines and will feed back into creativity if you want it to. Work can be found in collections both here and abroad.

In 1996 I set up a gallery in Ludlow Castle, having previously curated an exhibition space at the Feathers Gallery in Ludlow. At this time I began to offer lettering for weddings and other special occasions. I love working on the lettering and it continues to prove popular to this day. A period in Cornwall included curating at the Old Dairy Gallery in Penzance in 2011/12, choosing themes close to my heart such as, 'The Tree of Life', 'Fairytale, Dream and Myth' and 'A Celebration of Seasons'. I selected work from emerging and well established artists and by artists with and without learning disabilities.

I work from my studio at home in Ludlow with my partner, also an artist. Appointments to view or discuss work are always welcome. Contact me via the website and I will be happy to get back to you.